Fiction Editing / Review

I am available to read and critique your short fiction and novel-length fiction. I am open to other genres of writing as well. I hold a MFA in creative writing from the University of British Columbia and a MA in English from California State University, Los Angeles. I currently teach writing at UCLA extension. 

A critique would include line edits in the body of your text, comments in the margins, as well as a two-page critique on more global aspects of the piece of work. There would also be the opportunity to hold a further dialogue and ask any follow up questions through email. 

Please email me at writing@caloyeras.com and write CRITIQUE in the subject of the email if you wish to inquire about my competitive rates or if you'd like references from previous clients!

"To make a long story short, I enlisted help from Jennifer Caloyeras and ended up winning a fellowship! Yes, it's exactly that simple."

                     - Brian Hogan (client)

“I have never had a fiction editor as talented as [Jennifer], including when I published a novel with [a top publisher].”

                       - R.S. (former student and current client)

"[Jennifer was the] perfect teacher for this point in my novel-writing. Seriously [she was] like 'manna from heaven' to me. [Her comments] inspired me and I have been working furiously ever since."

                       - Tom Berquist, author of Stalking Los Angeles