• Pitch Wars!

    Have you heard of pitch wars?

    Well, it's my first time entering the online battle. Writers submit their finished manuscript's first chapter and a query letter to four participating agents / writers / publishers / editors. If selected, the writer would then work with said professional to buff up their manuscript for two months in anticipation of November's Twitter pitch war, where writers pitch their novel through Twitter and agents and editors are on the prowl for new projects. 

    Last year, more than 50 author participants were offered representation / publication!

    So I figured, why not!

    I brushed up my young adult nanowrimo project from a few years back and sent it off. 

    Thinking of sending something in? There's still time! The window for mentors closes tomorrow, August 6th, but if you miss that, you can always jump right back in in November. 

    Check out this page for more information or search #pitchwars on Twitter. 

    Happy Writing!

  • nanowrimo completed!

    Well, November is over, which means I have completed my third Nanowrimo!

    They sent me a lovely certificate that my wonky printer turned into a piece of abstract art. 

    Typically, I plan an outline a month or two ahead of Nanowrimo, but this year, I ran out of time. Instead, I wrote the sections of my story with the most momentum, which meant jumping around quite a bit. I've never written that way before, but there is something liberating about abandoning linear writing and following, instead, the energy of the story. 

    And to those of you who think Nanowrimo is a gimmicky waste of time I say....I wrote a 184 page draft of a novel in November. What did you do?