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  • November is the Month I'm Getting it Done

    If I seem like I've disappeared off the face of the earth it's only because I've fallen into the hole that is NanoWriMo

    What did I just say?

    Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month, which happens to be November. The folks over at NanoWriMo have set up a wonderful universe of novel writing: prompts to get you going, motivational speakers, word count checkers and message boards message boards message boards. 

    I tend to avoid all that and really just focus on writing my seven pages a day. 

    This is my third year participating. Two years ago, I wrote a dystopic young adult novel that I am currently revising. Last year I cheated and wrote a screenplay (the rules are it should be a 60,000 word original novel.) And this year, I'm attempting my first contemporary adult novel. 

    On day two I scrapped my planned structure which changes so much, but that's what happens when the writing is compressed to thirty days. (I realized the first fourteen pages were just back story.)

    So as I was hammering away at the keys I read a tweet from my writer friend, Lael, who mentioned something about PiBoIdMo. What? Another catchy word, not word? What did it mean? Turns out it stands for Picture Book Idea Month and the challenge here is to come up with a picture book idea for every day of the month in November. I revised those rules to include a young adult concept as well. 

    So that is what I will be doing for the month of November, feverishly writing a novel and coming up with other book concepts. 

    Want to join me?

    To sign up and read about NaNoWriMo, click here

    To sign up and read about PiBoIdMo, click here.