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  • Query Help

    I like to think of myself as a query queen. That is to say over the course of my time as an author, I have sent out many queries. And I plan on sending many more because that is the first step in getting published (after all that writing and revising, of course.) I use excel to keep track of them all: who I send them to, what I've sent, when I sent it, what kind of response I get and the contact information of the person on the receiving end of my query.

    I'm currently pitching my short fiction collection. Four of the stories in this collection have been published in literary magazines (click here to see them.) And I've spent the summer finishing up revisions on my first children's chapter book, which involves a whole new set of people to query as I've never written for elementary age kids before. 

    I came across this query primer on Query Shark and thought I'd pass it along as I think there's a lot of useful information here. Remember, the query is the very first bit of writing and agent or a publisher or an editor sees, so it has to sparkle!

    Have any other great query resources? Feel free to paste them in the comment section!