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  • Meet Peanut!

    Megan Kimble is a writer living in Tucson, Arizona. She is the author of Unprocessed: My City-Dwelling Year of Reclaiming Real Food.

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    Meet her dog, Phoebe.



    I’m Phoebe. My friends call me Peanut.


    I was born in a landfill but spent Christmas in a fun foster home after a lovely lady from In the Arms of Angels, a Tucson-based rescue, found my sisters and me and took us home—I moved in with my mom in February. Everyone said I was a lab/shepherd mix, but now people on the street tell me I look like a beagle. Who knows.  


    My best friend is named Josephine—she’s another rescue pup from In the Arms of Angels. Our moms are friends, too, and they cook together while we jump on counters or wait for vegetables—I eat everything except lettuce.


    My favorite food is sticks. Stones, too. I lick faces.


    I don’t mind cats. I really mind large boxes.


    I love walks. When my mom tries to put on my leash, I hide under the coffee table. Obviously.


    I’ll say hi to any age dog, but not to teenage humans.


    I like chewing on thumbtacks. My mom takes all my thumbtacks.


    I can finish my dinner in ninety seconds, but I’m training for sixty.


    I go to work with my mom. After seeing my potential, they hired me as a part-time receptionist. They offered me full-time, but I turned it down. Girls gotta nap.