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  • meet Eddie!

    B. Lynn Goodwin is the author of You Want Me to do What? and a forthcoming young adult novel, Talent. Learn more about her at 

    This is her rescue dog, Eddie:

    My mommy had to go to Utah. Her housemate was a pet sitter for Mikko McPuppers, my honorary older brother. At least that’s what Mommy calls him. She says he lives in t-bone heaven now. I am an only dog and I now live in a 2-parent home. I like walks, food, treats, nose-noofing, barking at the UPS man, and being a columnist for a Petfinder newsletter. I think I might be in the same family as your dog-dog. Maybe I’m his (or her) long-lost brother. I think I’m around 6. Maybe 7.

    Mommy is typing this note, but every word is mine. Honestly!


    Eddie (Eduardo) McPuppers-Goodwin-Brown