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  • Meet Galen!

    Happy Monday, everyone! Today, you get to meet Galen, Jacki Skole's rescue! Jackie is the author of Dogland: a Journey to the Heart of America's Dog Problem (a must read!)

    "Meet Galen. She’s one quirky canine. Galen doesn’t pee on walks; she prefers to empty her bladder in our backyard. She loves to play fetch, but only with my husband and only with her volley ball-sized purple ball. And she eats all her meals outside, no matter the weather—her choice, not mine. My husband and I adopted Galen when she was eight weeks old. A New Jersey-based rescue pulled her and her six littermates from a North Carolina animal shelter and brought them to the Garden State, knowing the puppies would find homes quickly. They did. Galen is now four, though if you meet her you might think she's closer to fourteen. Her demeanor is strikingly calm, and her gray fur deceives—I’ve heard parents tell their children to look at that “old, gray dog.” Galen is a Labrador retriever/Australian shepherd mix according to both the rescue and a DNA test. But most importantly, Galen is a beloved member of my family, adored (and spoiled) by me, my husband, and her two human sisters."

    You can purchase Dogland: A Journey to the Heart of America's Dog Problem on Amazon, Ashland Creek Press or Barnes and Noble. 

    Learn more about Jacki on her website.

    And all proceeds will go to the extraordinary animal welfare programs profiled in the book.