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  • Wally and Rufus

    Today I'm launching my Meet the Dogs campaign where I'll showcase your dogs and how they came to be your beloved pets! Want to get involved? Shoot me an email at writing (at) caloyeras (dot) com. 

    Rufus and Wally's story as told by their owner, Amy:

    "Meet Rufus and Wally! Rufus is part Beagle, Dachshund and maybe even a little Basset Hound. He was adopted from Karma Rescue in 2007 when he jumped into our car and told us he was the one. We fell in love right away. Prior to finding his forever home, Rufus was found on the streets and taken to a pound where he almost saw his final day, until Karma Rescue literally came to the rescue. Fun Fact: He was almost in a photo shoot with Hannah Montana until coming down with kennel cough after his time at the pound. He is still a celebrity dog in our book! 7 years later we decided it was time for Rufus to get a forever friend. Wally, a full Dachshund, stole our hearts the moment we laid eyes on him. He is a cuddle machine who wants nothing more then to be Rufus' BFF.  We are forever indebted to Karma Rescue for bringing these two special guys into our lives." 
    Learn more about Amy and her amazing Salt and Sage catering company on her Instagram page: salt_and_sage