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  • Q & A with Ashland Creek Press

    I had the pleasure of participating in a Q & A with Midge Raymond, one of my amazing publishers at Ashland Creek Press. Ashland Creek Press is passionate about animal protection and the environment and I knew that ACP would be the perfect home for my novel, Strays

    Here's an exceprt from the interview:

    Q: How did you come up with the idea for this book?

    A: I had been working as the dog columnist for the Los Feliz Ledger for about seven years. Over the course of my research, I wrote a column about K-9 connection, a program that pairs at-risk teens with shelter dogs. I absolutely loved this program and thought the premise would make a great young adult novel. I also had my own experience with a very challenging rescue pit bull. He was my inspiration for writing the character of Roman.

    Read the full interview here.

    I am so lucky to have my work respresented by such wonderful, meticulous and supportive people!