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  • happy book birthday to me!

    Happy Book Birthday to me!!!!! 

    Today is the day my novel, Strays, is officially published! I'll be whooping it up on my end!

    You can buy the novel at your local bookstore or order it online!

    Or buy it here on Amazon.

    Or though Ashland Creek Press.

    It is also available in e-formats. 

    What do the critics have to say?

    "One doesn't expect humor to evolve from such a serious theme; but, it does. One doesn't expect Strays to use the intersection of two fearful personalities to explore positive change and courage - yet, it does. And any who anticipate Strays to be a dog story alone may be disappointed only because it's so much more; it focuses equally on pet and person, and the situations that get them into trouble.

    Young adults who want a story of more than an animal rescue or a sixteen-year-old's angst will find Strays a compelling saga."

                                                 - D. Donovan, Senior Book Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

    "...a source of comfort for angry teens."

                                                                   - Kirkus Reviews

    "Strays is so much more than a story about a young, angry girl who learns to trust others and accept their help. It’s about grief, compassion, understanding and forgiveness....Strays touched my heart and I would be willing to bet it will do the same for most people who read it."

                                                                   - Susan Barton, eBook Review Gal (read the full review here)

    "... the reader can see the human-animal bond grow and enjoy Iris’s growth and turning points as well…a well-written story and a very enjoyable read."

                                                                  - Dianne Rich, Seattle pi (read the full review here)

    "This is a sweet story about a girl and a dog and how hard it is to let go of the past in order to get on with the future. It’s a story about trust, redemption and acceptance [...] Readers young and old will appreciate this one.

                                                                  - Book Chatter (read the full review here)