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  • Everyday Book Marketing

    As a writer, you think once the book has gone to print the hard work in done, right? Not even close. Sure, the private work is done (those grueling hours sitting alone behind a desk revising your story) but the public work is about to begin. There's the marketing and publicity, blog tours, bookstore signings and social media engagements. In fact, there is so much that can be done these days to help you promote your book, it can be overwhelming. How do you know what is worth your time? Where do you even begin?

    This is where Midge Raymond's Everyday Book Marketing comes in. This book has single-handedly become my book promotional bible for my forthcoming young adult novel, Strays. Midge and her husband, John Yunker, are the publishers behind Ashland Creek Press, where my young adult novel is being published. 

    In this book, Midge takes you step by step through marketing and promotional ideas.  

    One of the many great examples from the book that I have employed is a simple sticker approach to promotion. I have these great postcards of my book cover:

    And on the back is more information about the book. 

    Instead of printing up new postcards each time I speak at a new venue, I simply order stickers (in my case, from catered to each individual event and affix them to the postcards. And I save on the expense of having to mockup and print new postcards for each event. Brilliant!!!

    In the first section of the book, Midge explores discovering the right audience for your book as well as capitalizing on your particular strengths. In the second and third parts of the book,  she takes you step by step through what needs to be done to maximize your exposure. I had never set up a Google Alert before, but now that I have, I get an email once a week that culls together each time my name or my book's title appears on the internet, this way I can keep up with reviews and publicity I am getting that I might otherwise have missed. The last section includes great Q & As with a range of authors and industry experts.

    I know Everyday Book Marketing will be an invaluable tool in promoting future publications.